Zulekha Haywood

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If you are familiar with fashion, modeling, and runaway, you may have heard of a particular Somali model who gained notoriety for serving as the inspiration for numerous well-known designers, like Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Gianni Versace, and others. Iman Abdulmajid, also known as Iman alone and the mother of Zulekha Haywood, a child from her second marriage, is the Somali model.

Zulekha Haywood is the well-known daughter of a distinctive, stunning, and successful businesswoman from Somalia. Not to mention, Zulekha has earned a name for herself as a skilled business analyst, accountant, and businesswoman. As a result of her career, Zulekha is now better known in the media. Haywood enjoyed her time in the spotlight as a star child and her career as a businesswoman after being born to two prosperous parents in 1978.

What is the Net Worth of Zulekha Haywood in 2022?

According to wiki, Zulekha Haywood makes between $48,759 and $93,410 every year, hence her net worth is estimated to be over $4 million.  You Like also Aneliz Alvarez Alcala Net Worth .

Zulekha Haywood
Business Analyst Zulekha Haywood{ Source .ghbase.com}

Wikis of Zulekha Haywood

Full Name: Zulekha Haywood
Birth Date: July 5, 1978
Age: 44 years
Gender: Female
Profession: Business Analyst
Country: America
Horoscope: Cancer
Net Worth $ 4 million
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Birth Place United States of America
Status Single
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Michigan State Universit
Father Spencer Haywood
Mother Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid
Siblings Alexandria Zahra Jones, Duncan Jones, Shaakira Haywood, Nikiah Haywood and Isis Haywood
Twitter Zulekha Haywood Twitter

Early Life of Zulekha Haywood: Age , Birth

What is Zulekha Haywood Age ?

In 2022, Zulekha Haywood will be 44 years old because she was born on July 5, 1978.

The Haywood siblings Zulekha

Zulekha Haywood has four full siblings in total; she does not have any half-siblings on either her father’s or mother’s side. On her mother’s side, she has a sister named Alexandria Zahra Jones who is also Duncan Jones’ brother. On her father’s side, Haywood also has three sisters who go by the names of Courtney Nikkiah Haywood, Isis Haywood, and Shaakira Haywood.

Son of Zulekha Haywood

The daughter of Zulekha Haywood and Jason Young, who was born in 2017, is known by the name Lavinia Rose Young. The precise date of birth of Zulekha’s daughter is currently unavailable.

Body Measurements: Height , Weight

What is Zulekha Haywood Height ?

Zulekha Haywood is approximately 62 kilograms and 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Relationship Status: Married and Husband

Who is Zulekha Haywood Husband ?

The name of Zulekha Haywood’s husband is Jason Young. Zulekha is one of the famous kids of two prosperous adults who have remained silent about their daughter’s private life. Haywood is very private when it comes to her personal life, but at least we know who her spouse is. Up until this point, she has remained silent about her connection, including the fact that Zulekha and her husband got married in 2016. In addition, Haywood’s wedding took place in a private setting. Spending time with her family right now must be fun for Zulekha.   Must watch Ami Brabson Net Worth .

Haywood, Zulekha Instagram

As of 2022, Zulekha Haywood is regrettably not accessible on Instagram. Despite her father’s repeated accusations that Zulekha Haywood was a terrible mother to Iman, Zulekha Haywood has not said much about her relationship with Iman. However, Zulekha has acknowledged the burden that comes with being the daughter of a supermodel, which has strained her relationship with Iman.

Professional Life and Career

  • Zulekha Haywood was nurtured in the glitzy and competitive sporting worlds of both her father Spencer Haywood and her mother Iman.
  • She has never been fascinated by it, and her parents have never interfered with her job decisions.
  • Early in her life, she struggled with issues related to her body weight.
  • To lose weight, Zulekha underwent gastric band surgery.
  • Her weight has stabilized at 62 kg after being treated for obesity.
  • Then Zulekha finished her education. After completing her studies, she started working for her mother’s company, IMAN Cosmetics, and climbed the corporate ladder over time.
  • She starts working as an account manager in 2002, which begins to significantly alter her net worth.
  • Manager of revenue and demand planning was Zulekha’s new job.
    Until 2014, she was employed at IMAN Cosmetics.
  • She has, however, proposed Jay Manuel Beauty, a brand manager and senior business analyst, to the organization.
  • She also accepted the opportunity and pushed forward to pursue her passion.
  • She only spent a year at Jay Manuel Beauty, though.
  • She later worked as a buyer and strategic sourcing analyst at Taymark Inc.
  • In 2016, Haywood also works for Portu Sundberg. She was also given the title of Inventory Analyst, and her duties at the company included organizing meetings and creating different plans for the business.


  • Haywood is the first child of both her parents.
  • When Zulekha was younger, she shared a magazine cover with her supermodel mother.
  • When Haywood was just nine years old, her parents got divorced.
  • Her father, with whom Zulekha spent her formative years, was given custody of her.
  • As the account and demand planning manager for her mother’s cosmetics line, Iman Cosmetics, Haywood has
  • previously held previous employment.


Who is the father of Zulekha Haywood?

Olympic gold medallist Spencer Haywood is an American who played basketball professionally in the past. Haywood was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015 and is a member of it.

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