Ylenia Maria Sole Carrisi

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Who is Albano Daughter?

The Carrisi is the daughter of the Italian actor Albano Carrisi, who has acted in many of the most popular films.

Her mother, Romina Power, is also a well-known actress and singer; she is the daughter of the Hollywood matinee idol Tyron Power.

The private life of Carrisi

From a young age, the daughter of actress and singer Romina power was an industrious and devoted individual. She like performing because she grew up watching her parents act in movies and sing songs.

Is Carrisi present?

The maternal granddaughter of famed actor Tyrone Power, Carrisi, has not yet been located. Her father reported her passing in December of 2014. Her parents reported her disappearance to the police, but the investigation yielded no results.

Professional Career

She appeared alongside her parents in the 1983 film Champagne in Paradise. She became a letter-turner on the Italian version of Wheel of Fortune later on. She aspired to be a novelist and majored in literature at King’s College London, where she earned the top grade in her class.

During her education, she began to consider touring the world alone with nothing more than a rucksack and a journal. She decided to take a break from her studies and went to Italy, where she sold all of her possessions to fund her trip. She started out in South America. After a few months in Belize, she decided to take a bus to New Orleans, Louisiana, the day after Christmas 1993. Her brother Yari, who was also an accomplished traveler, had decided to see his sister for Christmas. He arrived in the village of Hopkins on a rainy December 27 and went door-to-door searching for her, only to discover that she had boarded a bus to Mexico the day before.

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