Written update from Anupamaa for July 23: Pakhi and Anupamaa argue about the expensive gifts that Barkha gave to Anupamaa

Written update from Anupamaa, July 23: Barkha gets into a fight with Anupamaa after giving Pakhi pricey presents.

Planning to manipulate Pakhi against Anupamaa is Barkha and Adhik. In this episode, Anupamaa will ask her daughter to return the gifts, which will exacerbate their growing argument. Pakhi will choose to occupy the Kapadia mansion as her home. For all the updates from the most recent episode, read the entire article.

Anupamaa scolds Pakhi

Unexpectedly returning home, Anupamaa notices all the gifts Barkha has given Pakhi. By treating Anu and Pakhi like princesses, Barkha and Adhik attempt to conceal their true motivations. Given that the gifts are significantly more expensive than she can afford, Anupamaa requests that Pakhi return them. According to Barkha, she only did it because she considers Pakhi to be her daughter. Barkha is asked by Anupamaa to stay out of it. Pakhi responds to Anupamaa by saying that even she is unable to afford the gifts that Anuj gives her. She also emphasizes how Anu receives all the lavish gifts she desires while she is denied them.

Pakhi’s words and demeanor surprise Anupamaa. She explains to her how she toiled to support herself and win Anuj’s love. She continues by discussing the importance of marriage and the bond between husband and wife. Even though Pakhi is upset, she insists that she is deserving of the gift. By requesting to live with her in the Kapadia home, Pakhi shocks her even more. Pakhi deduces from Anupamaa’s continued silence that she doesn’t want her to live with them. She should be mature enough, according to Anupamaa, to comprehend why this is impossible.

Vanraj gets worried

Vanraj departs for Pakhi’s college to pick her up as Pakhi and Anupamaa argue. He becomes concerned when he learns that she has long since left the college grounds. To see if Pakhi has returned, he calls Kavya, but she hasn’t. He is reassured by Kavya to relax and leave her alone.

Anuj and Ankush arrive back at the Kapadia villa after their shift. Anuj presents Anu with the unique gift he bought for her. Pakhi continues to pout as Barkha remarks on how expensive Anu’s gift is. Anupamaa chastises Anuj for buying such a pricey present for Anu. She continues, warning him to exercise caution because it will only ruin her habits. Pakhi seizes the opportunity and asks Anuj if she can reside with them. Anuj expresses her surprise to Pakhi and says that she is welcome to live with them as long as Vanraj agrees.

If Vanraj doesn’t have any issues, Pakhi assures him, then she will unquestionably move in with them. The concept excite Anu as well. Vanraj learns that Pakhi visited the Kapadia residence in the following episode. He demands Pakhi come with him right away because he is furious with her. Pakhi is also asked to leave by Anupama. Anupama will have to make a difficult decision between her daughters because Pakhi will accompany Vanraj. For more written updates, continue reading the HT highlights.

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