Ted Nivison

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Born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 16, 1998, Ted Nivison is an American photographer, YouTuber, and filmmaker. People today are extremely productive and have a lot of information in their heads. They prefer to launch their channels on social media platforms rather than approaching well-known publications, television, or newspapers.

Since social media is the simplest way to express your ideas and make money at the same time, it has paved the road for many people. We’ll shed some light on one such celebrity from his YouTube channel in this piece.

The people mistook “Theodore Kennedy Nivison” for Ted Nivison. Under the alias “Ted Nivison,” Ted manages and advertises a YouTube channel with 898K subscribers and 61 videos. On October 6, 2016, he posted his first video to his channel, “The Five Patty Challenge – Interview with Food Superstar Moses,” which had 31,791 views and 1.6 K likes.

The 400mg Edible by Accident is this content creator’s most well-liked video, which was launched on July 21, 2020 and has 36,000,000 views and 2.3 million likes. My worst day” is the title of his most recent video.

What is the Net Worth of Ted Nivison  in 2022?

According to YouTube advertising income information, Ted Nivison makes about $6K per month. In spite of this, Ted Nivison makes about $72,000 per year.


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Wikis of Ted Nivison

Real Full Name Theodore Kennedy Nivison.
Online name Ted Nivison.
Nickname Ted.
Famous For His YouTube channel has over 898,000 subscribers.
Occupation Filmmaker, YouTuber, Comedian, Video Creator, and Producer.
Age (as of 2021) 23 years old.
Birthday 16 January 1998.
Sun Sign Capricorn.
Birthplace Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
Ethnicity Multiracial.
Nationality American.
Sexuality Heterosexual.
Hair Colour Brown.
Eye Colour Brown.
Height (approx.) In feet & inches: 6′ 1″
In meters: 1.85 m.
In centimeters: 185 cm.
Weight (approx.) In pounds: 198 lb.
In kilograms: 90 kg.
Net worth (as of 2021) $500,000 US Dollars, approx.
Alma mater Ithaca College, New York.
Year of Passing 2020.
Degree Bachelors of Science (BS) in cinematography and film/video production.
Profiles Instagram: tednivison & ted.jpg
YouTube: JehBerDeh
Twitter: TedNivison
Twitch: tednivison

Early Life of Ted Nivison: Age , Birth and Education

What is Ted Nivison  Age ?

Ted was born to his gorgeous parents in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 16, 1998. I believe that this content writer is a Capricorn, based on the natal information. It is an Earth sign, and Saturn is its ruler. This sign is known for having qualities like good managers, responsibility, discipline, and superior workmanship, among others.

In 2020, Ted received his degree from Ithaca College in New York. He completed a bachelor of science in film/video production and cinematography. Ted has collaborated with “universal pictures” to reenact a moment from the film “Nobody.”

Nivison has completed a number of other courses, such as Global Entertainment Media: Movies, Music, and Money and Films Aesthetics and Analysis. He is very active on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.


Family Information

Ted’s family consists of four people. Ted’s parents, sister, and he himself. His sister, Emily Nivison, who studies dental hygiene, goes under that name. Ted frequently wished his parents happy birthdays, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day on Instagram.

The designer used the American-based caption “The Nivison Family Outing” for a photo of his family, despite the fact that he is of mixed racial heritage. Ted Nivison is seeing Madi, a well-known musician, in a romantic connection. She frequently appears in public with Ted.

He also includes Madi in a number of his videos. Ted has a large group of college pals. He constantly mentions them on Instagram.

Body Measurements: Height , Weight

What Height Has Ted Nivison?

Ted Nivison is 1.85 m tall in meters and 6 feet 1 inch tall in feet and inches.

Relationship Status: Single

Who is Ted Nivison’s girlfriend?

He hasn’t been married or given birth to a wife yet. Ted Nivison is quite private about his personal life and has not made any declarations about his love life. He typically avoids inquiries about his relationship. He also had a girlfriend named Madi who is a musician and appears on both his channel and Lunch Club’s channel fairly frequently.

Professional Life and Career

In the seventh grade, Ted Nivison became interested in this line of work thanks to YouTuber “Freddie W.” Before becoming famous, Ted started the “PivotTKn” YouTube channel in 2009. This internet celebrity once posted his own animation videos on this channel.

He ended this YouTube channel and afterwards established a new one called “Whole Minor Builder.” Over 40K people watched his very first piece of material on this channel. In 2013, this channel was shut down. After that, on his birthday in 2013, Nivison launched a brand-new YouTube channel called “JehBerDeh.”

On this specific channel, Ted stopped creating gaming videos in 2015. On his YouTube account, Nivison has a total of 61 videos, all of which fall under different categories such as food consumption, milk-related videos, gaming, comedy act, etc. Ted belonged to the YouTube collective known as “lunch membership,” which was once known as “Fart membership” and “Goop.”

Ted also works with “CallMeCarson” to have a YouTube channel. 8.2 million people watched their “Weird people in discord” film, which was uploaded roughly a year ago. In addition to this, he also contributed to the channels of others by producing content for them.

He published his first message on his own Instagram account on June 14, 2016. Two years later, on February 22, 2018, he established a new Instagram feed for his photos called td.jpg. Ted utilizes TikTok frequently. He began using TikTok on September 3, 2019, and as of right now, he has 588,7 K followers and 10.2 M likes.

On TikTok, the video with the most views has 2.3 million. Ted has a twitch.tv account, where his most recent stream was 4 months ago.


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#8 Ted Nivison Quick Facts

  1. Ted doesn’t stick to a particular genre; instead, he posts things that he finds amusing.
  2. Ted is the host of the “chuckle sandwich” podcast, which is run by Ted, @smilecicle, and @jschlatt.
  3. He will give his firstborn child the name Bacon, according to my research.
    This content producer like sushi.
  4. As soon as Ted reached 1 million followers on YouTube in October 2019, he was given the play button.
  5. His favorite model is Kylie Jenner, and hers is Ariana Grande.
  6. Ted unveiled brand-new merchandise! Season 2 will premiere in November 2020.
  7. Being a viral hit on the Internet, Nivison frequently receives criticism; however, instead of taking it seriously, he
  8. finds it funny and posts it on his social media accounts.

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