Who is Nyanners? Facts About the V-YouTuber

Nyanners is a Twitch streamer and a virtual YouTuber. Her soft voice has captured the hearts of many with her rap song covers on her channel. She is also an excellent vocalist and voice actress. She uses a 3D anime model to keep her identity disguised from the media. Please bear with us as we learn some interesting facts about the virtual YouTuber.

Nyanners Official Merch

Through her virtual streaming, Natasha has amassed a sizable following and fan base. She has also released official products for her admirers that enjoy watching her live feeds. Her merchandise, which includes special Nyanners products including socks, yearbooks, playmats, and more, is available for purchase at the VShojo store.

She is also available on Patreon, where interested fans can pay for access to all of her unique content. As of 2021, she had earned about $600,000 from all of these sources.

Nyanners’ Basic Info

Natasha Kotova Nyanners III is Nyanners’ real name. Her birthday is June 14th, and she was born in the United States of America. Unfortunately, she hasn’t stated her precise year of birth, making it difficult to estimate her age. We do know, however, that she is born under the sign of Gemini.

She has not yet completed her high school education and is now pursuing her education, according to web sources. Aside from that, there is a scarcity of trustworthy material on her early years. This contains information concerning her parents’ identities and the whereabouts of her siblings.

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Aside from that, Natasha is a naturalized American, having been born in the United States. She has not, however, confirmed her ethnicity. When it comes to her religion, she is a devout Christian who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. She wants to start vlogging and live streaming on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

She Has Over 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Natasha started her YouTube (Nyanners) adventure on April 7, 2011. Her content has subsequently had over 143 million views, and she has over 1.37 million subscribers on her YouTube account.

STAPLER SAN is her first YouTube video, and she enjoys watching anime.

It’s a brief video in which she shows a manga clip. She has been continuously adding videos to YouTube since then. She also enjoys playing games, particularly those that are frightening. She’s played games like Outlast and Resident Evil, and she’s shown her fans her live reactions to jumpscares and horrific situations.

In addition, she enjoys creating humorous stuff. She enjoys sarcasm and employs it frequently in her films. Through her emotions, she makes even the scariest jumpscares look hilarious. She enjoys sharing her songs on her YouTube channel in addition to gaming. These are both original and cover tunes.

Nyanners Has Over 600 Thousand Followers on Twitch

Natasha is a Twitch streamer as well. She often uploads videos to YouTube, but she’s also set up a Twitch channel where fans can see her live gameplays and videos. On her channel, she has played and posted gameplay from games such as Minecraft and Elden Ring. Her videos are extremely popular, with each stream receiving hundreds of thousands of viewers.

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Her Face Reveal

Natasha has exposed her true identity to her viewers while streaming through a 3D rendition of a pink-haired anime girl. She is a stunning young lady with dark brown eyes and black hair. She also has a light skin color and a thin, well-maintained body type.

She appears to be in her adolescent years, although this is unverified because her precise birth year is unknown. Aside from that, she stands at roughly 5 feet and 7 inches (1.70m/170cm) tall and weighs around 58 kg (127lbs).

She is a Founding Member of VShojo

VShojo is a firm dedicated to promoting and developing virtual streamers in the future. Natasha, along with other virtual streamers such as Ironmouse and Silvervale, is a founder member of the firm.

The company is led by streamers from San Francisco who have built a solid reputation for themselves. Furthermore, the community’s YouTube channel presently has over 78 thousand subscribers.

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