Mulan Vuitton

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Mulan Vuitton is a popular Instagram user recognized for her candid photos, modeling work, and distinctive way of life. On April 9, 1998, she was born in California, the United States.

What is the Net Worth of Mulan Vuitton in 2022?7

A successful career has contributed to Vuitton’s projected net worth of $200,000–$500,000 as of 2022. Vuitton’s work as a social media influencer is her main source of income. Mulan has been able to amass a good fortune through her different sources of income, yet she chooses to live simply.

Wikis of Mulan Vuitton

About Info
Full Name Mulan Vuitton
Profession Musical Artist
Popular For Selfies, Modeling, Lifestyle shots
Age (As in 2022) 24 Years Old
Date of Birth April 9, 1998
Zodiac Sign Aries
Birth Place California, United States Of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity Latinx
School/University Zhejiang University
Height 5 Feet 5 Inches
Eye Color Black
Weight 55 Kg
Estimated net worth $1.6 Million

Early Life of Mulan Vuitton: Born, Age

What is Mulan Vuitton Age?

Mulan Vuitton is a young woman who, in 2022, will be 24 years old and possesses the ideal body that every young woman desires.

Body Measurements: Height,Weight

What is Mulan Vuitton Height?

She stands about 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 55 kg, which is suitable for her age. She is well-known on the internet thanks to her endearing personality and the adorable pictures she shares on social media.

Relationship Status: Single

Vuitton has not provided any details regarding her romantic status. It is unknown if she is currently dating anyone. We’ll soon get updates on her girlfriend and companion.

Professional Career

Mulan is a talented young woman who is well-known on social media. Similar to this, she is a singer who has performed many different songs, but her most well-known and cherished songs include Boy Bye, Dripping, and other similar songs. These songs were lauded and most people couldn’t get them out of their thoughts. She is a young woman with many talents who is very quick as a result and can do anything. As a result, Deezer offers her music for listening.

Mulan Instagram Vuitton

She is a fashionable girl with a sizable Instagram following, but since she posts private material there, her account is secret. She also frequently checks Instagram, where she is well known for posting cute pictures to interact with her fans and followers who are impatiently awaiting her live appearance. As long as she keeps posting photos that make her money, Instagram will continue to be one of his sources of income.

She has her own verified account and looks to be much more active on Instagram than other girls of her generation. She only has one follower and 76 total posts on Instagram, although she has 23.6k followers.

Twitter – Mulan Vuitton

It seems like Mulan Vuitton is really active on social media. She is a social media sensation who has gained a lot of friends and followers as a result of her adorable social media photos and gorgeous appearance. In a similar vein, she keeps tweeting on her account to be active and interact with her fans and followers. She follows 28 people on Twitter, has over 46.9k followers, and has posted 120 tweets in total. She exposes the bulk of her body in order to gain followers, and people adore viewing her semi-naked images.

Music by Mulan Vuitton

A young woman with many talents, Mulan Vuitton is well-known on social media. Similar to this, she is a singer who has performed a variety of songs, but her most well-known and cherished songs include Boy Bye, Dripping, and others. Most people couldn’t get these tunes out of their heads, and they were highly praised. She is a multi-talented young woman who can do anything and is quite quick as a result. So, you can listen to her music on Deezer.

Vuitton Mulan ‘Tik Tok’

On social media, Mulan Vuitton seems to be very active, especially on TikTok, where dances and lip sync videos can show off your ability. Similar to this, she frequently uploaded videos of herself dancing and acting sexually on TikTok, which earned millions of likes. On TikTok, she is following 17 people and has 23.5k followers.

Vuitton Mulan Hobbies

Mulan Vuitton takes pleasure in a lot of pursuits, but she particularly enjoys painting since she finds it to be meditative. She spends her free time creating TikTok reels, creating new music, and composing lyrics for her next songs.


  • On April 9, 1998, Mulan Vuitton was born in California, the United States.
  • Mulan Vuitton’s net worth is projected to be $1.6 billion by the year 2022.
  • One of their favorite pleasures is drawing, which she finds relaxing.
  • American citizen Mulan Vuitton is of Latinx descent.
  • Mulan Vuitton is a really talented musician and Instagram phenomenon.


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