Michael Vlamis

Actor Michael Vlamis is well known for his work on the CW television series Rosewell, New Mexico. He became a star in the show thanks to his gay character. In addition, he is renowned for portraying three characters in the show, including Vlamcarter in 2017.

What is the Net Worth of Michael Vlamis in 2022?

The Roswell television series actor Michael Vlamis has a $2 million fortune. He has also become a millionaire by earning money from producing and directing movies.

He has also seen a rise in revenue because to the success of his films and TV shows. His prior partnerships with various well-known brands have contributed to his wealthy lifestyle. Michael Vlamis is thought to be worth $2 million as of 2022.  You Like also Lynette Romero net Worth .


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Wikis of Michael Vlamis

Real Name Michael Vlamis
Birthday March 27, 1990
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois
Zodiac Sign Aries
Nationality American
Ethnicity Serbian, Greek, and Lebanese
Profession Actor
Dating/Girlfriend Aurora Perrineau
Married/Wife No
Net Worth $2 million
Age 32 years
Siblings Kelsey Vlamis and Stephanie Vlamis

Early Life of Michael Vlamis: Age , Birth and Siblings

What is Michael Vlamis Age ?

1990 saw the birth of Michael Vlamis in Chicago, Illinois. He is an Aries zodiac sign and celebrates his birthday on March 27. He is of mixed ancestry and has American nationality. Sisters Kelsey Vlamis and Stephanie Vlamis are his two siblings.

Family and Parents

Michael is a mixed-ethnicity person with Lebanese, Greek, and Serbian ancestry. He hasn’t, though, revealed who his parents are to the general public. But on September 20, 2018, he sent his parents a message for their 31st wedding anniversary. Additionally, on July 19, 2018, he posted on Instagram to wish his father a happy birthday. In addition, Michael sent his mother birthday wishes on May 20, 2017.

Sisters Stephanie and Kelsey Vlamis and brother Michael Vlamis were his primary caregivers. His sister Kelsey is a journalist, photographer, and experience gatherer.

Body Measurements: Height , Weight , Eyes and Hair

What is Michael Vlamis Height ?

Michael is a charming, up-and-coming actor in the entertainment field. He stands 5 feet 11 inches tall. He has brown eyes and blonde hair. Must Check Hyun-mi Choi Net Worth .

Relationship Status: Dating and Girlfriend

Aurora Perrineau is his girlfriend; is he married?

Michael played a gay character in the television series Rosewell, Mexico. He claimed to be bisexual while dating Tyler Blackburn’s character Alex Manes. As a result, there were online suspicions that he might be gay. But because he was seeing his stunning girlfriend Ariel Frenkel, Michael blows the dust off his sexuality. Michael posted a photo of himself and his ex-girlfriend on Instagram on August 19, 2019. He has been dating Aurora Perrineau since 2022. He originally posted a picture of his girlfriend on June 30, 2020.

Professional Life and Career

In 2009, Michael made his acting debut in the two short films One Good Apple and Chocolatits. After that, he struggled to find roles for a while, but he continued to make short videos. His patience paid off because he was given the role of Hipster Jerkward on the television series New Girl.

Michael gained notoriety in 2017 by playing three characters in the television series Vlamcarter: Mike, Tommy Salami, and Michael. In the 2019–2020 season of Rosewell, New Mexico, he also performed as Michael Guerin.


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With his highly lauded performances in acting productions, Michael Vlamis, the best guy, has won millions of hearts.

Vlamis is a pet lover.

Michael Vlamis is a highly sensitive man, especially when it comes to an animal. His dog, Ollie, and spending time with him are two of his favorite things. A breed of companion dog that originated in France is the French bulldog.

Ollie and Michael Vlamis in a photo from Instagram (@michaelvlamis).

Along with Ollie, he also has a Maltese dog named Sosa, which Vlamis adores and looks after. Sosa is white and has a unique structure. We frequently see Vlamis with his dogs, Ollie and Sosa, on Twitter and Instagram. They are close buddies that take pleasure in being around and playing with one another.

Social Media

Actor Vlamis from Everloving has a huge online following, similar to other renowned persons. He frequently utilizes Instagram and Twitter.

More than 13.3K people follow him on Twitter as @MichaelVlamis, and more than 88K people follow him as @michaelvlamis on Instagram. In July 2011, Vlamis also began using Twitter. His Twitter and Instagram accounts are also verified.

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