Malika Kinison

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Malika Kinison is well-known for being the ex-partner of Sam Kinison, an American comedian and performer who appeared in a number of films, including Searching for Babby D, The Arrogant, and The Dangerous.

What is the Net worth of Malika Kinison in 2022?

Malika’s acting job is her main source of income. She has contributed to a few films and played well-known roles. Her estimated net worth is between $1 million and $5 million, according to online sources.

 Malika Kinison
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Wikis of Malika Kinison

Full Name: Malika Kinison
Age: 56
Birthday: 1965
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Leo
Husband/Boyfriend/Wife/Girlfriend: Paul Borghese
Net Worth:  $800k
Profession Entertainer
Sibling: Sabrina Souiri
Father: N/A
Mother: N/A

Early Life of Malika Kinison: Age, Birth and  Siblings

What is Malika Kinison’s Age?

Malika Kinison was born in Rabat, Morocco, as Malika Souiri, in 1965. Sabrina Souiri was her younger sister. Kinison identifies as an American and belongs to the white ethnic majority.

Malika Kinison continues to stand at a height of 5 feet 10 inches, and she weighs about 76 kg. She basically has long, dark hair that is curly, and bruised eye colour.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight , Eyes and Hair

How do Kinison’s physical attributes look?

Malika is of medium height, however the precise heights of the individuals are unclear. Malika weighs a typical amount. Her eyes are brown, and she has black hair. Her nationality is American, yet she is of white heritage. She practises Christianity as her religion.

Relationship status: Married and Husband

Who is Malika Kinison’s husband?

Malika Kinison is a woman who is married. Malika has two marriages to her name. She already had a marriage to Sam Kinison, a performer and entertainment from the United States. In April of 1992, the pair was married. Sam passed away six days later in a head-on collision with another car. At that point, Malika and her partner suffered actual injuries, and Sam died as a result of internal injuries.

She married Paul Borghese, who is both an entertainer and a maker, after Sam Kinison passed away. She currently enjoys a peaceful lifestyle with her better half.

Professional Life and Career

  • Malika is a well-known entertainer and the ex-girlfriend of the late Sam Kinison. As most of us know, Kinison, her late ex-husband, was an American comic with a reputation for caustic comedy and brand name cries.
  • He was introduced to the Grammy-nominated comic by his joke-telling partner Rodney Dangerfield.
    Kinison starts out as an entertainer in small bars in Houston, Texas. Later, he became a member of the Texas Outlaw as a member of a satirical group for the parody workshop.
  • He was the first person I’ve ever seen perform in front of an audience, and he never asked that the audience appreciate Kinison, so they all had an impact on his hilarious delivery.
    Soon after, he relocated to Los Angeles with the intention of looking for work at the parody shop, but was initially hired as a doorman.
  • Up until his brother Bill relocated to Los Angeles to handle his vocation, he struggled to find his equilibrium in the company. Malika had a second husband after Sam passed away. Paul Borghese is a producer and entertainer best known for Goat (2015), Malavita (2013), and Back in the Day (2016). (2013).


Is Kinison a social person?

Both Malika Kinison and her spouse don’t have any social media accounts. There are no confirmed reports of her.

What is Malika Kinison’s age?

roughly 57 years (1965)

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