Lucina Ying

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Lucina Ying is a Hong Kong-born famous wife and domestic goddess. Following her marriage to rich businessman Stanley Ho, Lucina Laam King Ying gained notoriety. Learn more about Lucina Ying’s biography, height, relationship status, nationality, ethnicity, and net worth.

What is the Net Worth of Lucina Ying in 2022?

The famous husband’s wife works as a stay-at-home mother and makes little money. Lucina Laam King Ying presently has no net worth as a result. Along with the cash, all of Lucina Laam King Ying’s husband’s possessions were distributed to her. The celebrity wife is currently residing in luxury and raising her children in Canada. Additionally, her late husband had a net worth between $2 billion and $3 billion at the time of his passing. Additionally, each of Lucina’s children has a very amazing net worth and has already found success in their own fields of study and employment.  You Like also Ed O’Brien Net Worth.

Lucina Ying
House maker Lucina Ying{ Source}

Wikis of Lucina Ying

Full Name: Lucina Ying
Gender: Female
Profession: House maker
Country: Hong Kong
Height: 5 feet 4 inches (1.63m)
Marital Status: divorce
Divorce Stanley Ho
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Nationality Hong Kongese
Ethnicity Hong Kongese
Religion Christianity
Kids Four (Pansy Ho, Daisy Ho Chiu Fung, Josie Ho, and Maisy Ho Chui Ha)

Early Life of Lucina Ying: Age , Birth and Parents

What is Lucina Ying Age ?

1943 saw the birth of Lucina Laam King Ying in Hong Kong. She must be 79 years old in 2022. The housewife is also of Hong Kongese descent and follows Christianity. The attractive star wife was born to Chinese parents. The actress must have gone to a Hong Kong high school in terms of education. Later, Lucina changed schools to continue her study at a private institution. About the parents, education, and early life of Lucina Laam King Ying, nothing else is known.

Body Measurements: Height , Weight , Eyes and Hair

What is Lucina Ying Height ?

In terms of height, Lucina Laam King Ying is typically 5 feet 3 inches tall, which equates to 160 centimeters or 1.6 meters. Additionally, the celebrity’s wife weighs a healthy 60 kg (132 lbs). The housewife wears 5.5-size shoes, too (UK). Lucina Laam King Ying has an attractive face and a light skin tone. In addition, Lucina has black hair and eyes. The famous husband is still alive and prospering in life.  Must Check Peter Madrigal Net Worth .

Relationship Status: Married and Husband

Who is Lucina Ying Husband ?

Lucina Laam King Ying is the second spouse of the late millionaire businessman Stanley Ho, as was previously mentioned. Lucina might even be referred to be Stanley Ho’s widow. When the pair first met, Lucina was fourteen years old. Pansy Ho, the couple’s first child, was born to Lucina on August 26, 1962. Josie Ho was born on December 26, 1974, and Daisy Ho Chiu Fung was born in 1964. Maisy Ho Chui Ha was also born in 1976. The children of the marriage, with the exception of Josie, are all employed by the company.

The only other person in the entertainment sector is the well-known vocalist Josie. Lucina Laam is currently single and surrounded by reminders of her late husband, but there is no information available about her prior relationships. In contrast, her spouse Stanley Ho has wed four different women. Stanley’s first union with Clementina Leitao took place in 1942. Stanley’s first marriage produced four children, the father of four. They are Deborah Ho Chiu Hung, Jane Ho Chiu Ying, Robert Ho Yau Kwong, and Angela Ho Chiu Yin.

Sadly, his first wife passed away in 2004. Then there was Ina Chan Un Chan, Stanley’s third wife, with whom he had three kids. They go by the names Florinda Ho, Laurinda Ho, and Orlando Ho. The fourth and final wife of Stanley was Angela Leong On-Kei. The couple’s four children are Sabrina Ho, Arnaldo Ho Yau Heng, Mario Ho Yau Kwan, and Alice Ho Chiu Yan. Like him, each of Stanley’s offspring has achieved success in their own right.

Professional Life and Career

Soon after marrying Stanley Ho, a well-known millionaire executive, the celebrity wife gained notoriety. Housewife Lucina Laam King Ying has done an excellent job of fulfilling her duties. The celebrity wife has currently given up all of her jobs and commitments in order to devote her entire attention to her family. As a result, Stanley Ho, Lucina’s one and only spouse, is responsible for all of her fame. The famous wife has kept her personal life very private, thus there is no further information available regarding her past work. Lucina Laam King relocated and set up residence in Canada.

Social Media

She is absolutely inactive on the famous wife’s social media accounts. No social media outlet has ever been used by Lucina Laam King Ying. In actuality, there are not many pictures of Lucina online. Like her husband Lucina, Stanley Ho was not on any social networking sites. On the other hand, the couple’s kids might be active on some social media sites. Other than that, Lucina has kept her private affairs and activities quiet. Hong Kong native Lucina Laam King Ying is a celebrity wife and domestic goddess. Following her marriage to rich businessman Stanley Ho, Lucina Laam King Ying gained notoriety.


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