Konnor Mcclain

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American professional artistic gymnast Konnor Mcclain is from. She is recognized as one of the top teenage gymnasts in the country. She received this title as a result of her prior triumph in 2019.

Currently, she is concentrating on the forthcoming Olympic Cycle. She did, however, win the Winter Cup in the United States at the most recent Winter Olympics in 2022, which is why she is currently getting ready for the upcoming Olympic Cycle. She received a score of 54.3 points overall for her most recent triumph. She previously withdrew from the senior nationals and the Olympic Trials owing to health concerns, both physical and mental.

Konnor Mcclain Net Worth

What is the Net Worth of Konnor Mcclain in 2022?

The estimated range of Konnor Mcclain’s net worth or income is $1 million to $5 million.


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Wikis of Konnor Mcclain

Full Real Name Konnor Mcclain
Nickname Konnor
Popular for Her Gymnast championships winnings
Language English
School Name Homeschool
University Louisiana State University (LSU)
Education Pursuing studies in Fire Science
Profession Gymnast
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Net worth Not Known
Age 17 years old.
Date of Birth February 1, 2005 (Tuesday)
Place of Birth Las Vegas, Nevada
Current Residence  Charleston, West Virginia
Club WOGA Gymnastics
Level Senior
Program Women’s Artistic
Head Coach Valeri Liukin
Other Coaches Anna Liukin

Early Life of Konnor Mcclain: Born, Age, Education

What is Konnor Mcclain Age?

In the United States, Konnor Mcclain was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is 17 years old and grew up in a household full of athletes because both of her parents and siblings were active in sports. She was born with athletic prowess and started walking and crawling before the normal child. Her parents were worried when they saw this and even called the therapist to make sure Konnor was alright.

As Konnor developed, her parents began to realize that she was doing things that her elder siblings couldn’t even envision accomplishing as she approached her second year of life. Her parents then enrolled her in a gymnastics program where Susan Brown served as her coach and where she received her training.

Since she was in elementary school, Susan Brown has known Konnor’s mother. Because she was more concerned with her gymnastics career than her academics, Miss Konnor finished her schooling at home. She just began studying at Louisiana State University (LSU). She is anticipated to complete her studies at this university in 2027.

Family Background

Marc and Lorinda Mcclain welcomed her into the world in Los Angeles. She moved to West Virginia with her family when Konnor was three years old.

Father of Miss Konnor passed away on December 27, 2021. Her mother played soccer in college. At Southern Utah, her father, Mr. Marc Mcclain, played football as well. Additionally, her mother had said that all of her children decided to be sports rather than bookworms because their family was athletic. Miss Konnor’s older brother, Mr. Cole Mcclain, played football in high school and college.

Olivia Mcclain, her older sister, used to compete for Niagara University’s collegiate softball team. Konnor, her parents’ third child, also has a younger brother who plays on his college’s basketball, baseball, football, and soccer teams.

Body Measurements: Height,Weight

What is Konnor Mcclain Height?

Konnor Mcclain is 4 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs 50 KG. Her size 6 shoes (US). Her physical measurements are 34, 26, and 34. Her hair is dark, and she has black eyes.

Relationship Status: Single

Konnor finished her schoolwork at home. She practices gymnastics so much that she has never met an attractive guy. She has, however, started going to college to get a bachelor’s degree. Maybe one of the hot guys from her college will start dating her in the future. She is still a teenager, though, and will give an update on her love life if she starts dating.

Professional Career

  • Konnor is merely a sweet young girl from her family who is pursuing her driver’s license outside of her employment. Aside from that, learning about her gymnastics career will surprise you. She has participated in competitions both domestically and internationally.
  • Regarding her performance abroad, she participated in the 2019 Jesolo Trophy competition. Likewise, she started vying for the national title in 2015, her debut year at the HOPES finals in Chicago, where she placed fourth in the All-Around division.
  • Miss Konnor, a fire science graduate, wants to work as a fireman.
  • Currently, she is focusing all of her efforts on the forthcoming Olympic competition. However, it is unknown where her future career will take her. She can chart her own course and serve as an inspiration to many other young people.


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Social Media

We can locate her media outlets. Konnor favors Instagram above the other social media platforms. On Instagram, she uses the handle @konnormcclain_, which is shown by a blue check mark, indicating that it is a verified account. She engages with her followers live on Instagram very frequently. She has 55K followers on her Instagram account, which is a huge number.


  • Her favorite gymnastics event is trivia vault.
  • Her favorite course at the university is science.
  • The movie Konnor enjoys the most is The Hunger Games.
  • She enjoys painting, for example.
  • She enjoys volunteering with special needs kids and going to charity events.
  • Miss Konnor likes the color purple.
  • Her favorite music is from Masai.
  • Her favorite gymnast is Shawn Johnson.
  • Konnor is a young woman who is competitive, diligent, and entertaining.
  • She has 55k Instagram fans who adore liking each of her posts.


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