Joe Elliott recently had a conversation on BBC Breakfast where he shared his personal struggle with losing his voice and the lack of hope from doctors. But he also talked about how he overcame these challenges.

In 2015, the famous rocker got seriously sick with pneumonia. Because of this, he had to cancel shows and a whole tour. Sadly, this made his vocal cords really damaged. Doctors even suggested that Joe should quit being in Def Leppard.

However, Joe didn’t give up, and he talked about how his vocal coach helped him a lot in getting his voice back.

Looking back at those hard times, the lead singer said, “About eight years ago, I lost my voice a lot. One doctor even said, ‘If you weren’t you, I would tell you to change your job.’ But our vocal coach, who has been with us for almost thirty years, didn’t listen to that and helped me get my voice back without surgery.”

Joe Elliott also explained how he “rebuilt” his voice. He talked about how many people thought it was impossible for him to sing again.

He said, “I had totally lost control over my voice. One of my vocal cords couldn’t move at all. Normally, cords like that don’t get better, but mine did. It was like making an old rubber band stretchy again by putting oil on it. That’s what happened to me. At first, my vocal cords couldn’t meet in the middle, but now I sing better than ever.”

In the early days, Joe Elliott’s journey with the band started when he joined Def Leppard as the lead singer.

They were a group of young musicians who were passionate about rock music. Joe’s powerful and distinctive voice quickly became a defining element of the band’s sound. With his energetic stage presence and ability to connect with the audience, Joe brought a unique charisma that contributed to their growing popularity.

As the band began to work on their music, they faced the typical challenges that come with trying to make it in the music industry. They played in small venues, honing their craft and perfecting their songs.

Their hard work paid off when they released their debut album, which garnered attention and praise from music enthusiasts. This marked the beginning of their journey towards fame.

The turning point came with their second album, which included hit tracks that resonated with a wider audience. The combination of Joe Elliott’s captivating vocals and the band’s melodic hard rock sound struck a chord with fans.

Their music videos, showcasing their dynamic performances, also played a significant role in capturing the attention of a growing fanbase.

As they continued to release successful albums, Def Leppard’s fame soared to new heights. Joe Elliott’s powerful voice became synonymous with the band’s identity, and his ability to convey emotion through his singing added depth to their music.

The journey to fame wasn’t without its challenges. They encountered setbacks, including Joe’s struggle with vocal issues, which tested their determination.

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