Ice Poseidon

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In the US, Ice Poseidon is a well-known social media user. Ice Poseidon primarily plays video games online and has dabbled in streaming on platforms like Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, and others.

What is the Net Worth of Ice Poseidon  in 2022?

The estimated amount of his net worth is $150,000 USD.


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Wikis of  Ice Poseidon

Full Name: Paul Denino
Age: 26 years
Birthday: 29 Sep
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Libra
Marital status: Single
Net Worth: $150,000
Height: 6 feet 1 inches
Profession: Online Gamer, Streamer, Youtuber, Social Media Personality
Birthplace: Palm Beach, Florida
Father: Michael Denino
Mother: Enza Denino

Early Life of Ice Poseidon: Age, Birth , Parents and Education

When was Ice Poseidon born?

Ice Poseidon, who is currently 26 years old, was born on September 29, 1994. He hails from the American city of Palm Beach, Florida. Likewise, he was born under the sign of Libra and goes by the name Paul Denino. Ice Poseidon is the son of Michael and Enza Denino in terms of his family. Similar to this, he initially planned to major in finance but changed his mind. He then made the decision to focus on building his social media influencer business.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight , Eyes and Hair

What is Ice Poseidon  Height?

The height of Ice Poseidon is roughly 6 feet 1 inch. Other than that, there is no information available on his weight, chest, waist, hip, biceps, dress size, etc. The same shade of hair and eyes are shared by Ice Poseidon.

Relationship Status: Affairs

Is Ice Poseidon romantically involved?

Whether Ice Poseidon and his girlfriend are still together is unknown. He regularly uploaded images of himself and his partner to his Instagram account. But he hasn’t done that in more than a year. He tweeted a picture of himself and his girlfriend on September 14, 2019. In Luxembourg, his girl celebrated her birthday. He never gave the name of his girlfriend in such posts.

Professional Life and Career

  • Ice Poseidon is a live streamer and internet personality. He is primarily recognised for his RuneScape and IRL genre Twitch streaming. In addition, he has broadcast games like Outlast, Quiplash, and Stanley Parable.
    Similar to how Ice Poseidon has been repeatedly banned from Twitch, he has second thoughts about coming back. When not streaming, he likes to lift weights. He also tweeted a picture of himself and Celeste Holsterman, another famous Twitch streamer.
  • As a result of being swatted off a flight at Phoenix International Airport, Ice Poseidon was publically banned from Twitch.
  • It took place after a viewer reported receiving a bomb threat from Ice Poseidon. He went to Mixer after several years of streaming on YouTube, only for the streaming service to be discontinued the following June.
  • In 2017, Ice Poseidon became well-known thanks to the success of his IRL feeds. In addition, he is well recognized for his in-person streams, which he calls “lifestreaming.” Additionally, he was described as a “pioneer life streamer” by Rolling Stone.
  • Twitch worked with Ice Poseidon as a streamer. He gained notoriety in 2015 for his “Ice Poseidon”-assigned RuneScape livestream.
  • He created his pseudonym when he was twelve years old by utilising a random name generator. Then he started live broadcasting, initially showing himself playing Pokémon Go.
  • He was repeatedly removed from Twitch, and in late December 2016, the IRL area was officially launched. Ice Poseidon was able to stream without a gaming console for the first time.
  • He was banned on the first day the area was open because he broadcast a phone number. His third suspension from the platform resulted in a 45-day suspension this time.
    Poseidon made the decision to move to California during the ban in order to focus solely on his Twitch
  • profession. After Poseidon was swatted on American Airlines Flight 458 in Phoenix on April 28, 2017, Twitch banned him.
  • After being barred from Twitch in the spring of 2017, Ice Poseidon switched to YouTube. The majority of his followers, known as the “Purple Army,” followed him as well.
  • His fandom is divisive; some have called it “poison” owing to harassment, frequent use of racial and sexual slurs, and other offensive language.
  • The foundation of Ice Poseidon’s following is his sizable Discord group and his Reddit subreddit, which they first “quarantined” before banning in October 2019 along with its community-run sister subreddit.
  • He acknowledges that keeping anything from the “Purple Army” is practically impossible.
    Poseidon swiftly gained notoriety and is now among the top live streamers in the globe. He used a mobile broadcasting gear that he had built himself, concentrating mostly on the IRL genre.
  • Furthermore, viewers have called and harassed adjacent store owners as a result of Ice Poseidon’s openness about his life, which has led to a number of incidents in public.
  • To provoke violence or have the police called on Ice Poseidon, they did this by making irrational threats and warnings about his danger.
  • During his journey through Europe, Poseidon made a stop at Zurich, Switzerland. He was exposed in a tabloid magazine there for getting kicked out of several hotels due to harassment and breaking the law regarding shooting there. On March 21, 2019, the FBI searched his Los Angeles residence.
  • All of the electronics in Poseidon and the other residents’ homes were seized.
    On August 1, 2019, Ice Poseidon started streaming on Microsoft’s Mixer streaming service.
  • Poseidon explained that he was comparing Mixer to YouTube and that the community on Mixer was considerably friendlier and had more active staff assistance.
  • As a “RuneScape” roster player and content provider, Ice Poseidon joined the eSports team NRG Esports in September 2016. Team NRG’s Brent Kaskel offered sponsorship management services.
  • Then, in June 2019, he made the announcement that he was quitting his job with Kaskel because of claims of sexual abuse made against him. He made about $60,000 each month from a variety of sponsorships.


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YouTuber in controversy

During his European tour, a tabloid reported that he was being ejected from hotels. Additionally, he has a reputation for breaking norms and regulations. His tendency of uploading videos of swatting has caused the majority of twitches to ban him.

He was subject to a ban on November 3, 2016, as a result of California, a Twitch viewer, abusing the word filter on text-to-speech donations.

A fabricated report stated that Paul was travelling to Phoenix with a bomb on April 27, 2017. Denino, an internet broadcaster, was ejected from the aircraft. The following day, Twitch banned his account. In a YouTube video, Denino claimed that the ban was brought about by a location revelation at the airport.

Regarding this matter, there was some debate because some people thought his ban wasn’t warranted.


  • A renowned Twitch collaborator and live streamer, Ice Poseidon is well known.
  • Because of his tendency to bully, Ice Poseidon has been exposed to a number of contentious issues.
  • He has repeatedly been banned from the platform.
  • Becoming a social media influencer hasn’t been that easy for him.
  • Paul has been dubbed a “pioneer ‘life streamer'” by Rolling Stone.
  • On stream, a panic episode had brought him to the hospital.


Ice Poseidon: Who is He?

Internet sensation Paul Denino, also known online as Ice Poseidon, is 27 years old. He began his profession by playing the video game Old School RuneScape while live broadcasting on Twitch. Many people hold him in high regard for developing and popularising the now well-known IRL and Just Chatting categories of streaming video.

When was Ice Poseidon born?

27 years (September 29, 1994)

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