Gloria Allegri

Allegri. Massimiliano is an Italian football manager who is presently the head coach of Juventus in Serie A. Massimiliano, on the other hand, was a former player. He was born in the city of Livorno in the Italian province of Tuscany. As a result, he has Italian ancestors. His parents were Carla Allegri and Augusto Allegri.

What is the Net worth and Salary of Gloria Allegri in 2021?

The general population is unaware of Gloria Allegri’s net worth. Her earnings aren’t made public. Her daughter works as an Instagram model and earns a nice salary through sponsorship and outfit commercials. Gloria’s net worth is estimated to be at $200,000.

The net worth of Massimiliano Allegri is reported to be $1.5 million. He is the firstborn child and spent his childhood with his sister Michela. Massimiliano has loved sports since he was a child, particularly football and horse racing.

Because of two of them, Massimiliano became more interested in horse racing. Tyler Fromm, a former football player, is reported to have a net worth of over $400 thousand, which he amassed while competing in numerous football rivalries.

Quick Facts

Full Name Gloria
Gender Identity Female
Networth 200000


Gloria Allegri was born on an unknown date. She appears to be in her late thirties. Her personal life, she believes, has no bearing on her professional life. As a result, she hides her affection for her parents and her relationship with them. As a result, her parents’ identities are still unknown.

Juventus is managed by Massimiliano Allegri, an Italian professional football manager and former player. On August 11, 1967, he was born. Allegri was born in Livorno to a port worker father and a nurse mother. He was born and raised in Cotto.

How Was The Relationship Between Gloria Allegri And Massimiliano Allegri?

Gloria Allegri is the ex-wife of Massimiliano Allegri. The former couple had been together for nearly four years. They married in 1994 and exchanged vows jointly. Their daughter’s name is Valentina Allegri.

Their daughter is also employed in the entertainment sector. She is an Instagram model and a social media influencer. In 1998, the couple decided to part ways. Roberto Mancini, 56, married Silvia Fortini in a private ceremony in 2018.

Before Gloria, Gloria’s ex-husband had an affair with a woman named Erika. In 1992, two days before their wedding, he abandoned her. Massimiliano indicated that he was not in love with Erika and that he was not prepared to make significant life decisions.

Following that, Gloria entered his life. Her ex-husband moved on with his life after their divorce and met a new love girlfriend. He began his life with Ambra Claudia and had a kid named Giorgio Allegri with her.

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