Ellen Hamilton Latzen

Former child performer Ellen Hamilton Latzen became well-known after portraying Ellen Gallagher in the movie “Deadly Fascination.” She was also well-known at the time for her parts in Family Ties, Public Parody’s Christmas Get-away, Young guys Life 2, and Mr. North.

What is the Net Worth of Ellen Hamilton Latzen  in 2022?

Ellen Hamilton Latzen has previously earned a sizable sum of money performing for young audiences. She is not energetic in the media right now, though. Ellen Hamilton Latzen reportedly has a normal total asset value of $13.5 million. Additionally, she regularly received a salary of about $100,000 when she worked in media outlets.

With her roles in popular movies and television shows, Ellen has earned a substantial chunk of money. She starred in the movie “Deadly Fascination” at the time, which had a $14 million budget but brought in over $320.1 million at the box office.

She also starred in “The Equalizer,” a movie that brought in $192.3 million at the box office. Production costs for the movie range from $55 to 73 million dollars. With a $25 million production budget, the movie “Public Parody’s Christmas Get-Away” made about $71.3 million at the box office with Ellen in it. In Los Angeles, Ellen is still leading an opulent life.


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Wikis of Ellen Hamilton Latzen

Full Name: Ellen Hamilton Latzen
Age: 41
Birthday: July 26
Nationality: American
Horoscope: Leo
Husband: Dave Baum
Net Worth: $13.5 million
Profession: Actress
Sibling: Amy Latzen and Elena Latzen
Father: Sway Latzen
Mother: Anne Hamilton

Relationship Status: Age , Birth and Parents

What is Ellen Hamilton Latzen’s Age?

The parents of Ellen Hamilton Latzen are Anne Hamilton and Sway Latzen. She was born on July 26, 1980, and the sign of Leo was ruling the day of her birth. Her mother, Anne, was a website specialist, while her father, Bounce, was a sales agent. However, when she was four years old, her parents started the divorce process.

Ellen identifies as American and is of white ethnicity. Her cousins are Elena Latzen and Amy Latzen. She was chosen in a Rockingham, Vermont, inclusive school. After that, she went to the San Francisco Inlet Territory’s California School of Expressions. From that point on, she went to New York College in New York City.

Body Measurements: Height , Weight , Eyes and Hair

How tall is Ellen Hamilton Latzen?

Ellen is a former performer who maintains a fit body. She is still 1.5 meters tall, or 5 feet 2 inches. Her physical weight is roughly 76 kg, or 167 lbs. Ellen’s eyes are a dull, earthy brown, and she has dark hair.

Relationship Status: Married and Husband

Who is the husband of Ellen Hamilton Latzen?

In fact, this former performer is seeing her partner Dave Baum romantically. Whatever the case, Ellen Hamilton Latzen hasn’t formally proclaimed Dave her better half. She hasn’t wed yet as a result. She shared two or three images with her lover even though she continued to have a covert existence.

She met her future husband Dave by coincidence at Phish’s annual Work Day run at Dick’s, according to her Instagram. 2015 saw the beginning of their relationship. They have a stronghold right now and for the foreseeable future because they are united. The team does not currently have any plans to get married, nor are they interested in doing so.

She wished him a happy two-year anniversary and shared a snapshot of herself and her partner on Instagram on September 7, 2017. There are no detached tidbits of rumour circulating about Ellen and Dave’s blissful relationship. We have faith that they will continue along this path in their relationship and be hitched shortly.

Employment History of Ellen Hamilton Latzen

  • In terms of acting, Ellen Hamilton Latzen isn’t exactly a rising star at the moment.
  • She gave up defending zeroing in on her exam after being accepted at an inclusive school in Vermont.
  • She works as a podcaster right now.
  • The previous performer is presently putting the finishing touches on a webcast called “Looked into Now.” Her experiences as a substitute child performer are the subject of the show. Fundamentally, she looked into the lives of a young person working in the acting business.
  • Because of her mother, Ellen started her acting career. After spotting an advertisement in the newspaper,
  • Ellen’s mother took her to acting tryouts when she was six years old.
  • She then crowds, expecting to get involved with her daughter’s life once more. She didn’t know she had a tryout and felt her acting skills weren’t good enough for the job.
  • Nevertheless, she prevailed over a number of other young women to land the part of Michael Douglas and
  • Anne Toxophilite’s daughter in the movie Lethal Fascination.
  • Between 1987 to 1997, or almost eleven years, Ellen was a powerful actor.
  • She has contributed both internally and outside to six movies and television shows during the course of her illustrious career. Nevertheless, she gave up acting to concentrate on her education.


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In Fatal Attraction, is Ellen a boy?

Her debut on-screen appearance may be Ellen Hamilton Latzen’s most well-known. She starred in the 1987 thriller “Fatal Attraction,” about a damaged woman who has a one-night fling with a married guy before stalking him and attempting to sabotage his family in an effort to claim him as her own.

Are Ellen Latzen’s acting days over?

Presently, Ellen resides in Los Angeles and creates a podcast on her and her peers’ experiences as child stars. Her program “Watched” takes viewers behind the scenes of the child acting business and into the harsh reality of growing up in front of the camera.

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