Dave Grohl discussed his relationship with Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain in a recent interview with Vulture.

In the conversation, the frontman of Foo Fighters shared that Cobain once contemplated replacing him as the drummer in the iconic punk-rock band.

As per Grohl, the situation arose while they were en route to Los Angeles with bassist Krist Novoselic to start rehearsals for the “In Utero” tour, which marked the band’s third and final album that came out on September 13, 1993.

Grohl overheard Kurt suggesting they might need a drummer with a more basic style during the journey. In the conversation, he heard them speaking about a drummer similar to Dan Peters, whom they nearly hired before Grohl joined the group.

Initially, Cobain and Novoselic had considered Dan Peters as the drummer for Nirvana. However, Peters was already involved with the Seattle band Mudhoney, which led to Grohl seizing the opportunity instead.

Reflecting on that time, Dave Grohl revealed his emotional turmoil, expressing surprise at the situation of leaving Nirvana. He recalled confiding in Krist about his concerns, even asking if they were truly inclined to go through with the drummer change.

Grohl even went as far as suggesting that they could part ways if that’s what they wanted. However, upon discussing the matter with Kurt, the singer reassured him the band had no plans of changing him.

Grohl described the period as tumultuous for various reasons. Cobain’s struggles with drug overdoses compounded the uncertainty, culminating in his tragic death by suicide in 1994.

During Nirvana’s final year, Grohl admitted he grappled with daily uncertainty. The sudden fame took a toll on the band, leaving a lasting impact.

Dave Grohl, being candid, acknowledged that he can’t speak for Kurt’s experiences, as he’s no longer able to voice his own perspective. “I can’t speak for Kurt, and I don’t usually because he’s not around to speak for himself. Each of us dealt with it in different ways, but ultimately that’s a hard thing to navigate” he said.

The band members each coped differently with the challenges, navigating difficulties in their own ways.

Following Cobain’s passing, Grohl embarked on creating the Foo Fighters, initially a solo endeavor.

Eventually, he enlisted Nirvana’s touring guitarist Pat Smear, along with bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith from the former Seattle band Sunny Day Real Estate, to form the new band.

Despite some lineup changes over time, Foo Fighters has solidified its position as one of the most cherished American rock bands in history. The band’s imminent induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a testament to their enduring impact.

Grohl, when asked about avoiding major controversies in his extensive career, attributed his perspective to Cobain’s tragic death. He recounted the moment he recognized the preciousness of life – realizing that he had the chance to experience each new day while Cobain did not.

Grohl’s profound reflection marked a turning point, propelling him to focus on cherishing life’s moments. He spoke of the intrinsic desire to reach another day, regardless of its challenges.

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