Who is Venus Angelic? Net Worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend and Career

Venus Angelic

Who is Venus Angelic? A Swiss YouTuber named Venus Angelic is well-known for having a doll-like appearance. On her YouTube channel, Venus Angelic posts food challenge videos in addition to cosmetic tutorials. How much is the net worth of Venus Angelic in 2022? Venus Angelic, a gifted YouTuber who makes imaginative video content, has a … Read more

How old is Tony Bomboni? Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend and Career

Tony Bomboni

Who is Tony Bomboni? Tony Bomboni is a well-known American social media user. Tony Bomboni is a YouTube content producer in his main capacity, but he also uses Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Although he also does cosmetic tips and role-playing videos, his primary area of interest is ASMR content. How much is the Net Worth … Read more

How old is Sadia Badiei? Net Worth, Age, Height, Husband and Career

Sadia Badiei

Who is Sadia Badiei? Sadia Badiei, a budding YouTube star who was born in Canada on March 6, 1991, was born. Every type of blogger completely comprehends pickuplimes.com by fermentation for those who are suitably fueled by their daily lives. She began a lesson on her official website to inform people about vegetarianism or natural … Read more

How old is Little Z? Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend and Career

Little Z

Who is Little Z? Australian-born YouTuber Little Z is really sincere and hails from that country. YouTube has helped platform creators achieve celebrity-like status. Little Z, one of my many gaming and streaming channels, has gradually surpassed all success thresholds and now has 1.01 million YouTube followers. Little Z is a family-friendly YouTube channel that … Read more

How old is Ike Eveland? Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend and Career

Ike Eveland

Who is Ike Eveland? Ike Eveland, born June 12th, is a YouTuber and novelist affiliated with NIJISANJI EN’s fourth wave, Lucien. Mysta Rias, Luca Kaneshiro, Vox Akuma, and Shu Yamino debuted with him. Ikey-Wiley, Ikea, Smart Cookie, Swedish Sweetheart, Platformer king of NijiEN, Mike, EvelandP, Michael, and Spike are some of Ike’s endearing nicknames. He … Read more

How old is LoafX? Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend and Career


Who is LoafX? LoafX is a British YouTuber that seems to be completely sincere. Additionally, he posts gaming videos connected to Among Us on his YouTube page. He is a well-known gaming YouTuber with approximately 245K subscribers on his own channel, which he started in February 2022. Aiden Lee Morgan is the real name of … Read more

How old is Nathan Doan? Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend and Career

Nathan Doan

Who is Nathan Doan? Nathan Doan is a budding YouTube and Tik-Tok star who has taken over the platforms with his sincere material and skits. The most of his writings concern new generation Asian groups and their struggles with self-expression and self-identification in the increasingly divisive world of today. He also promotes the idea that … Read more

Who is Edwin Sarkissian? Net Worth, Age, Height, Wife and Career

Edwin Sarkissian

Who is Edwin Sarkissian? Edwin Sarkissian, a well-known social media personality and YouTuber located in the United States, is well-known for his films showing shooting and gunshots. Edwin has always desired to own a computer since he was a little child. Despite their best efforts, his family was unable to pay it. Later, a churchgoer … Read more

Who is Shiey? Net Worth, Age, Height, Girlfriend and Career


Who is Shiey? Shiey is a native American who works as a full-time travel vlogger on YouTube. He posts fantastic content to his youtube channel, including vlogging films of his excursions to abandoned places and off-limits locales. He is an American YouTuber and online media personality. Additionally, he merely manages the popular @shiey YouTube channel. … Read more

How old is Coffeezilla? Net Worth, Age, Height, Wife and Career


Who is Coffeezilla? American YouTuber Coffeezilla is quite sincere and hails from that country. In addition, he posts videos to his YouTube channel about exposing frauds, bogus gurus, and schemes that prey on needy individuals through false advertising. He is a well-known YouTuber who,, had around 1.1 million subscribers to her own channel.¬†as of 2022 … Read more