How old is Aya Furukawa? Net Worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend and Career

Aya Furukawa

Who is Aya Furukawa? Young Canadian actress and theater performer Aya Furukawa. She has starred in a number of well-known films and television shows, including The Cabin in the Woods (2011), The Terror (2017), Happy Ever After 2021/2021, The Baby-Sitters Club 2020-2021, and The Midnight Club 2022. She gained fame in 2022 when she played … Read more

How old is Megan Fahlenblock? Net Worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend and Career

Megan Fahlenblock

Who is Megan Fahlenblock? Canadian actress Megan Fahlenbock, also known as Megan Smith Fahlenbock, has acted in a number of animated and live-action films. Her roles in the films Get Over It (2001), Sam’s Lake (2004), The Baby Formula (2008), The Dating Guy (2010), Frankie Drake Mysteries (2017), Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey … Read more