Busy Philipps And Marc Silverstein Split After Being Together For 15 Years

Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein divorced after 15 years of marriage. On Friday, Philipps confirmed the news on her podcast, Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best. She informed her co-hosts,

“It’s been a long time since Marc and I have been apart, and our kids, family, and friends are all aware. And we actually spoke about how I should handle it publicly. Because it was February of last year that we initially split up.”

She continued, ”

“But the reality is, you know, there’s a traditional understanding of what a public figure is supposed to do when their relationship ends, and it’s been very well established, right?” You make a statement, you’re dedicated to staying friends, ‘please respect our privacy and the privacy of our family during this time,’ right? But, you know, who set the rule that that’s how you do it? “I’m not kidding.”

Busy Philipps stated that the last few years have shown her that she is capable of doing what is best for herself and her family. She believes that everyone has a public life and that no one should adopt a conventional idea simply because it has been done before.

She went on to say that when she and Marc split up, they couldn’t bear the thought of putting one of those things out there and making them sick. She concluded by saying,

“This is a journey.” Jour-ney. It’s been an adventure. The only option for Marc and me to safeguard the privacy of our children, whom we adore, was to avoid engaging the public.”

Marc Silverstein is Busy Philipps’ spouse.

Marc Silverstein is a well-known screenwriter, producer, and film director who was born on July 1, 1971. He’s gotten a lot of praise for his work in the romantic comedy genre with partner Abby Kohn. Fairfax Fandango, a short film he also directed, earned him his first writing credit in 1997. He created the storyboards for the 2010 film Valentine’s Day and the 2003 television film Splitsville.

Kohn’s I Feel Pretty, which was released on April 20, 2018, marked his feature film directorial debut. The comedy film received mixed reviews from critics and grossed approximately $94 million at the box office. Following a head injury, an insecure woman gains enormous self-confidence in her beauty. Silverstein and Kohn rose to prominence with their work on comedies like Never Been Kissed, He’s Not That Into You, and How to Be Single. They also worked together on the romantic drama The Vow, which came out in 2012.

Busy Philipps and Marc Silverstein’s relationship

In June 2007, Marc Silverstein married Busy Philipps, with whom he had two daughters, Birdie Leigh in 2008 and Cricket Pearl in 2013. Despite being married for 15 years, their marriage had many ups and downs, and Philipps even considered divorce from Silverstein due to marital problems and conflicts. The Made in Cleveland actor revealed in her 2018 book that her marriage to Silverstein had reached a breaking point, prompting her to seek emotional support from another man. Silverstein was taken aback when she requested a divorce and begged for another chance. Busy’s best friend Michelle Williams advised her to keep her family together, so she and Silverstein began counseling.

According to Busy Philipps’ biography, Silverstein sought out a therapist and began working through his issues. According to the Freaks and Geeks star, Marc was not the most supportive father after the birth of Birdie. She stated,

“Marriage is always difficult, but particularly when you have children… There may be times when you are not interested, but there must always be one person prepared to fight. I told Marc multiple times that I couldn’t take it anymore. Something needs to change, and it has to be you.”

She went on to say that she and Marc had several serious discussions and therapy sessions. In a 2019 interview, the couple discussed how their marriage evolved over time and why divorce was considered when Philips was dissatisfied with the division of parental responsibilities.

Silverstein agreed to a few conditions and chose to stay at home with the kids. He stated that he avoided home responsibilities because he did not believe he was ideal in this area. According to Philipps:

“[In a relationship], you must choose what works best for you. You must also consider your children. I want everything for my daughters, but the only way they’ll think it’s feasible is if they see me having it.”

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