Beauty Guru Rachel Levin

The well-known American YouTuber and beauty expert Rachel Levin gained notoriety in 2010 because to her channel, RCLBeauty101. Her channel has almost 12 million subscribers, most of them are teenagers. Levin boasts a sizable fan base on social media in addition to being a YouTuber and a social media influencer.

On the list of social media influencers under twenty-one, Rachel came in first place. She won multiple honors, including the Teen Choice Awards and the Streamy Awards. The influencer publishes videos on food, fashion, and lifestyle.

What is the Net Worth of Beauty Guru Rachel Levin  in 2022?

Rachel enjoys a pretty opulent way of living in Los Angeles. This YouTube personality has an estimated net worth of $3 million. She makes money from both her YouTube account and social media.  You may also like Alex Sykes Net Worth .


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Wikis of Beauty Guru Rachel Levin

Early Life of Beauty Guru Rachel Levin: Age , Birth and Siblings

what is Beauty Guru Rachel Levin  Age ?

Rachel, the Pisces child, was born on February 24, 1995, in Philadelphia. The well-known YouTuber is an American citizen. Her mother is Debra Levin. She is an attorney. Although we don’t know who her father is, we do know that he works as a doctor. Levin has a younger sister and two older brothers. David and Josh Levin are her brothers, but Daniella Levin is her sister. The two half-siblings of Rachel are named Cory and Alyssa.

Rachel received a full scholarship to attend Penn State Brandywine. She later dropped out of college to pursue her desire to become a YouTuber.

Body Measurements: Height , Weight , Eyes and Hair

What is Beauty Guru Rachel Levin  Height ?

The YouTube celebrity, who is 25 years old, is towering at 6 feet 8 inches. Rachel displays both her hair and her gorgeous brown eyes. Rachel is 36-27-37 inches in height and 63 kg in weight.

Deborah Levin

Rachel is the younger sister of Daniella Levin. In a “Sister Tag” video, Levin introduced Daniella to her followers in 2012.

The number of followers on her Instagram account is above 90,000. She frequently uploads photos of herself in various settings.

Relationship Status: Dating and Boyfriend

Who is Beauty Guru Rachel Levin  Boyfriend ?

From 2013 through 2016, Rachel dated Instagram user Isaac Nakaash for three years. Tyler Regan was introduced to her by her pals. In 2017, Levin and Regan began dating. They made the decision to break ways in 2019. According to sources, Regan greatly increased his online following when he began dating Rachel.

Rachel isn’t dating anyone right now. Additionally, she never wed or gave birth to any children.  Must watch Gypsy Benitez Net Worth .

Professional Life and Career

In 2010, when Rachel was fifteen years old, she started posting videos of her cosmetic applications on YouTube. “How to Conceal Under Eye Dark Circle” was the title of the first video she posted. Levin later began creating vlogs in December. She was even mentioned in a story titled “Mixing Makeup For The Webcam” in The Wall Street Journal when she was sixteen about her homemade makeup techniques.

A Forbes Magazine story titled “Rachel Levin: A YouTube With A Positive Message” featured Rachel. The YouTuber was quoted in a number of publications, including Cosmopolitan’s “The United States of Style” issue. The article also included a link to her critically acclaimed YouTube film “I Am Ugly,” in which she played a younger version of herself and discussed body concerns in girls.

On social media and YouTube, Rachel is an artist with a variety of styles. On YouTube, she talks about self-image, bullying, suicide, comedy, DIY videos, and fashion and lifestyle topics.

With the Sun & Sky Records, Levin recently made her solo debut with the song “Myself.” Her debut single features a message of acceptance and self-love. Her fans responded enthusiastically to the song because they could identify with the emotion.


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.Rachel Levin Fun Facts

  • Alo is the name of her beloved lamb.
  • She detests choosing the soundtrack for her YouTube videos.
  • She refers to them as Levinators.
  • When she was in school, she cheered.
  • She can be found at @rclbeauty101 on Instagram.

FAQ, s

What kind of income does Ms. Rachel earn?

Based solely on the number of views on her channel, Miss Rachel makes an estimated $3 million per year. Her video is viewed by tens of millions of people, which makes money for her.

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