Aria Ella Thornton

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The eldest child of Adolph Robert Thomton Jr. and Mia Jaye is Aria Ella Thornton. The same is true for Dolph’s father, who abandoned both his two kids and his longtime fiancée. As a result, Aria Ella Thornton, Dolph and Mia’s five-year-old daughter, was born in April 2017.

What is the Net Worth of Aria Ella Thornton in 2022?

Since Aria Ella Thornton is unemployed, her net worth is likewise zero. But at the time of his passing, her father, Young Dolph, was thought to be worth $3 million.  You Like also Simon Phan Net Worth .

Aria Ella Thornton
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Wikis of Aria Ella Thornton

Name Aria Ella Thornton
Date of birth April 2017
Age 5 years
Zodiac sign Aries
Father Adolph Robert Thornton Jr
Mother Mia Jaye
Sister Aria Ella
Net worth unknown

Early Life of Aria Ella Thornton: Age , Birth and Parents

What is Aria Ella Thornton Age ?

She was born in April 2017, therefore as of 2022, she will be five years old. She is also the youngest of her parents’ three children.

Birth of Aria Ella Thornton

Every year in April, Aria Ella Thornton’s birthday is acknowledged. Similarly, neither her parents nor anyone else provides information about her exact birth date. Must watch Faith Ford  Net Worth .

Father of Aria Ella Thornton

The youngest child of well-known American rapper Adolph Robert Thornton, better known by his stage name Dolph, is Aria Ella Thornton. Dolph’s life was also brief because he passed away at the age of 36 from a gunshot wound close to his home. Similar to that, Adolph Robert had a very brief life during which he amassed a great deal of popularity and notoriety from the public. Adolph Robert was born on July 27, 1985, and he passed away on November 17, 2021. He was seeing Mia Jaye, who had been his girlfriend for a while. Despite not getting married, they had two kids together. The oldest of their children is named Tre Tre Thomson, while the smallest is named Aria Ella Thornton.

It’s terribly tragic that Adolph passed over a year ago, leaving behind his girlfriend and children. The loss of a loved one caused the family to become estranged. It’s the father for kids, and it’s the lover for a woman. Likewise, these are some of Adolph Robert’s songs: To be honest, it makes no sense, 100 photos, talking to my scale, Foreva, water on water on water on, and so on.

Mother of Aria Ella Thornton

Mia Jaye is the mother of Aria Ella Thornton. She was conceived on April 15, 1989, in Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. Similar to Adolph Robert, Mia Jaye has been in a long-term relationship with the well-known American rapper. Mia Jaye is a well-known businesswoman, social media influencer, and activist. She also works as a podcast host and makes a respectable living at it. The fashion line The Mon E.O. was founded by Mia Jaye as well. She appears to be an independent, successful businesswoman.

She and her partner remained together for a very long time as a result, and they later had their first son together. When she first encountered Adolph, a well-known rapper, she was in the early stages of her career. She now manages her business career and her children equally after Adolph released him and his children. She has been giving her son and daughter the love of both parents at the same time, earning the title of independent supermom.

Professional Life and Career

Ella has no profession except from being a child star. She is a young child, therefore her father, an American rapper, supported her. Young Dolph, her father, has passed away, thus Mia Jaye, her mother, is now in charge of taking care of her.

In a sense, her father was a well-known rapper and artist in the United States. Her mother is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur who is renowned for having her own company brand. The fashion line “The Mon E.O.” is credited to her as its originator.

Instagram of Aria Ella Thornton

Little Aria Ella Thornton is the daughter of her parents. She was born in April 2017 and is just five years old, according to her birth date. She cannot have a verified Instagram account or other social media account since she is too little. She might have had Instagram accounts and other social media accounts when she was younger, but she is no longer permitted to manage any social media profiles.


  • April 2017 saw the birth of Aria Ella Thornton.
  • Adolph Robert Thornton is Aria Ella Thornton’s father, and Mia Jaye is his mother.
  • Tre Tre Thornton is Aria Ella Thornton’s brother.
  • There is no Instagram account for Aria Ella Thornton.
  • Five-year-old Aria Ella Thornton is a baby girl.

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