Every fan is well aware that The Rolling Stones are actively working on a fresh new album this year. The renowned classic rock trio, now consisting of three members, confirmed their studio presence earlier in the year.

This new album is a significant move as it marks their return to producing original material, a departure from their last such effort in 2005 with “A Bigger Bang.”

The album seems to have a title now. Recently, an advertisement was featured in the English newspaper Hackney Gazette, promoting a company named Hackney Diamonds. This company, which specializes in glass repair, is named after a district in London.

Interestingly, the ad cleverly integrated several references to The Rolling Stones. It assured customers of their contentment by stating, “When you say gimme shelter, we’ll fix your shattered windows.”

The connection to the band is apparent in the ad’s design as well. The “i” in Diamonds takes the shape of the iconic lips logo associated with The Rolling Stones. Notably, the ad also mentions that the company was founded in 1962, coinciding with the year the band itself was established.

For those interested, a website, HackneyDiamonds.com, is accessible where you can subscribe for email updates. This website has announced that the company intends to commence operations in September 2023.

Earlier this year, a report from Variety revealed that both Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have taken part in the album’s recording sessions.

If this holds true, it would signify the first collaboration between The Rolling Stones and The Beatles since their respective singles “We Love You” and “All You Need Is Love” back in 1967.

Should this indeed be the chosen title for the new album, it will be The Rolling Stones’ inaugural release following their 2016 blues cover album “Blue & Lonesome.” Notably, this album will also be the first without drummer Charlie Watts, who passed away in 2021.

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